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Hello Cowgirls and Cowboys . . . saddle up every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month to share your WESTERN excerpts with our readers/followers.

WHERE: Hosted by Stilettos At High Noon Blog
WHEN: Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month
WHO: All Western fiction and Western Romance writers
(All genres welcome)

1) Sign up on the linky at Stilettos At High Noon every Monday (linky will go live under this tab by noon) for the following Sunday.

2) Post 3-4 paragraphs from one of your novels, novellas, WIPs on your blog (must be western-themed).

3) Post SAHN's link on your blog beneath your excerpt so viewers/readers can check the main list to read more excerpts.

4) Saddle Up Sunday logo must be visible on your blog with a link back to Stilettos At High Noon (use logo at beginning of this post). 

Your blog post must be live by midnight Saturday in order to participate in Saddle Up Sunday Snippets. Please promote your excerpt and SAHN on twitter and FB and all other social media sites on Sunday. Authors participating should use the hashtag #SaddleUp to promote others who are posting excerpts. Let's see if we can't get western lovers to follow this event two Sundays a month. Questions? Contact

Saddle Up Sunday Snippets
At Stilettos At High Noon 
The Following Dates: 

August 17th
September 7th

September 21st
October 5th

October 19th
November 2nd

November 16th
December 7th

December 21st


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Great New Book by Rain Trureax

Just have to share this book by Rain Trueax. Here is what the author has to say about it. I highly recommend Diablo Canyon.

Diablo Canyon Trilogy

Part 1, When Fates Conspires asks the question is there fairness in life and what happens when we die, as two couples struggle to find their happily ever after while tragedy seems ever ready to put a period to their existence. With humor and pathos, two spirit guides, Remus and Justus try to make life better for these couples, but when fates conspire is that possible?

In Part 2, The Dark of the Moon, the story advances a year and a half where Myra Farrell is struggling to hold onto her ranch, the Box Z, against formidable odds until a stranger appears. Will Pace Emerson be her salvation or her damnation? Pace is a man with secrets. Myra’s spirit guide, Racine, distrusts him from first sight mostly because he can also see her. Humans aren't supposed to do that.

The trilogy is wrapped up in Storm in the Canyon with a love story from beyond time. Three powerful women of different generations will be matched with three powerful men, all with their own secrets, their own destinies. The spirit and human world are faced with a third world—one mankind has long tried to suppress.  Diablo Canyon has been drawing power to itself through natural events, which are now being used by timeless beings, told of in Native American legends, with a desire to retake power.

Each of these stories takes the question of what is real one step farther into the unknown. I label them fantasy or paranormal but they are pretty metaphysical in that I have heard from one person or another that pretty much anything I have happen-- can and did. Now do we believe such stories? Well one point to Diablo Canyon is-- just be aware of what is around you-- that little second sight, the times you look back sure someone was there but you see no one. Really, was there something there?

I suppose here's a good place to add that I, like Myra in the second of the three books, saw someone with me when I was a child. He was my playmate, and I had a name for him. My parents felt concern over this as many parents might. I don’t know if I quit seeing him because I sensed it wasn’t okay or because I got older. Reincarnation memories also fade as we get over four. ‘Real’ life has its demands. And as for the being I saw with me as a child, it could be he’s still there-- just now as a muse. Maybe I will see him again when I die... ;) 

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